The few public health facilities in rural areas in Madagascar often fall into disrepair due to a lack of funds for renovation and maintenance. Reliable water and electricity supplies are also often lacking. Without the admirable improvisational talent of Malagasy doctors, nurses and midwives, it would be impossible to treat patients well. The defective toilets and lack of incineration facilities for medical waste are also a constant challenge in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. With the support of Genialsozial, we therefore launched the “Bright and Clean” project in 2020.

Impressions from Fotadrevo

Nine hours’ worth of parched land pass by our 4×4 as we travel from Toliara to Fotadrevo. Cacti, shrubs, scant trees and now and then a village of mud huts. Sand and dust reach as far as the eye can see, in shades of red, brown and grey.