Doctors for Madagascar

Doctors for Madagascar

Doctors for Madagascar

Doctors for Madagascar

Doctors for Madagascar


The charity Doctors for Madagascar was founded in Summer 2011 by German doctors who had experienced both the desperate lack of medical treatment in Southern Madagascar, but also the selfless commitment and the medical abilities of their Malagasy colleagues.

In order to gain supporters for our work internationally, we have since set up a sister charity in Luxemburg: Médecins pour Madagascar cooperates closely with the charity in Germany.


In Madagascar, about 80 staff members in permanent positions are currently working towards the goals of the organisation, including doctors, midwives, accountants, logisticans, drivers and many more. On the German side, our project coordinator as well as our communications officer work in a small office in Berlin. Beyond this, the work of the charity is carried out to a large extent through the voluntary engagement of experienced doctors, nurses, construction experts, technicians, accountants and interns.


Doctors for Madagascar provides direct medical aid with the goal of improving medical treatment in Madagascar in the long-term. We focus particularly on the remote south of the island, one of the poorest regions in the country. We support hospitals and other medical institutions with donations in money and in kind; offer medical training for local doctors and nurses; build facilities; and send teams of doctors and construction experts.


  • Partners on an equal footing
    We are convinced that projects can only succeed in the long-term if we work together in close cooperation and on an equal footing with our partners on the ground. Our partners are local doctors who have been working for years in public, church-based or private hospitals in the South of the island. Their needs and experiences are the foundation of each of our projects.


  • Engagement for the future
    We want to improve the living conditions of local people. To this end, not only financial and material support is needed, but also capacity building. Therefore, we monitor the projects in the long-term, but are always anxious to structure them in such a way that they can be continued independently and without help from the charity by our partners on the ground after the project has finished.


  • Every patient counts the same
    Doctors for Madagascar provides direct medical help for local people. Our support is naturally independent of age, ethnic background, political or religious conviction, of gender and sexual orientation.
  • Constantly improving: results monitoring and transparency
    The charity Doctors for Madagascar is interested in documenting the impact of its work as clearly as possible, not least in order to learn from it for the future. Our projects are therefore constantly internally and externally evaluated and partly also scientifically monitored.


  • Less administration = more help
    We want to use donations as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the voluntary work of our members and numerous other helpers, the running costs for our projects can be minimised. In this way, as much money as possible gets to exactly where it is needed.