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Improving facilities

Many hospital buildings and health centres in Madagascar are in a desperate state. Money is lacking for even the simplest repairs. We support local medical partners by building and renovating facilities in response to their needs.

Doctors for Madagascar helps build and renovate medical facilities. The Zoara hospital in Fotadrevo is a good example: Doctors for Madagascar had been involved on the ground since the hospital’s opening in 2012, when it hospital was housed in the rooms of a former rice mill. But word got around quickly about how professionally the local doctors there were working, and with an influx of new patients, the hospital needed bigger and better facilities.

To handle the rising number of patients, we began with the construction of new hospital buildings in Fotadrevo in 2014.

After the in-depth planning and preparation of the project with our local partners, we began a comprehensive rebuilding of the hospital, developing a row of new buildings on an enclosed plot of land at the edge of the village. They include an operating building with emergency room, an inpatient ward with washrooms, and outpatient and laboratory buildings, as well as houses for the employees, a storage building with a workshop, a well and sanitary facilities.

There is always work to do – Doctors for Madagascar also funds minor repairs in some of the state-run basic health centres (CSBs) in the area.

Providing a basic health centre (CSB) with solar power costs around €1500.


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