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Maintaining technical equipment

Kept in good condition, hospital equipment saves lives. But extreme climates, inconsistent electricity and inadequate maintenance in Africa wear out medical equipment much faster than in the UK. We provide not only medical equipment, but also training on maintenance and care.

Functioning medical equipment is an absolute necessity for the treatment of patients in a hospital. Without operating lamps, sterilisers, microscopes and many other instruments, patients cannot be adequately treated. But many medical instruments in Madagascar suffer from the extreme climatic conditions and intense use over many years, especially as they are often second-hand.

Well-maintained instruments are essential in any hospital - this steriliser has just been repaired.

Luckily we have already been able to distribute a large amount of technical equipment to hospitals, but our work does not stop there. We have to ensure that the equipment we give can be properly maintained. This can be a challenge, however: Madagascar lacks qualified technicians and specialists, as the companies which manufacture medical equipment do not have service providers on the island.

Doctors for Madagascar hires local specialists and technicians, buys spare parts and takes care of procuring new equipment. Technicians are trained by local specialists or European experts.

Minor repairs to instruments and furniture can be done at the Hopitaly Zoara workshop.

The monthly salary of a hospital technician to maintain and repair essential equipment is around 170€.


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