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Support for our Teams in the South

The lack of network coverage in rural regions of Madagascar often prevents life-saving emergency calls from being made - but if the emergency call is received, every second counts. In order to be able to prepare for emergency missions in the best possible way despite precarious medical equipment, our teams in the south have been reinforced:

Dr. med. Caroline Ferse is a specialist in neurology and has been driving emergency medical services in Berlin for 5 years. She has also been working in an internal intensive care unit since 2020. For our charity, Caro has often organised donations through various events in the past years - Now she is helping out herself: Until recently, the midwives and ambulance drivers were trained exclusively to treat obstetric emergencies. This was about to change. Caro therefore supported our teams in Manambaro, Ejeda and Fotadrevo for 4 weeks with further training in pediatric emergency medicine, as well as the optimisation of operational processes.

The patient is carried into the ambulance with combined efforts.

"It was my first time in Madagascar. I am very impressed by the strength and zest for life of the people, who nevertheless have such great challenges in their lives. The teams and staff at CSB are also very welcoming - I immediately felt welcome! The sense of community is great and builds on our shared goal: to improve healthcare in Southern Madagascar," Caro says. In Manambaro, she even went jogging with the group every morning before getting to work.

"During the training sessions, all the employees were very focused and interested in learning a lot, despite having work to do at the same time. After the theory sessions, what we learned was practiced and consolidated in case scenarios. I enjoy passing on things that I was once taught myself. Education is key."

Where practice mannequins are lacking, plastic bottles are used to improvise.


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