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Maintenance for our 6 Landcruiser ambulances

Launched in 2016, we now operate 6 all-terrain ambulances in the rural south of the island. The ambulances are stationed at the reference hospitals of Manambaro, Fotadrevo and Ejeda and can be alerted in case of emergency from nearly 60 surrounding health centres. The journeys take them over dirt roads, through rivers and across country. Drivers and vehicles are often pushed to their limits.

To be able to transport patients safely in the future, the off-road vehicles need regular maintenance and care. For the second year in a row, we commissioned the technical assistance mission of the German LandCruiser Club: Tom and Thomas from LandCruiser Assistance traveled with their small team to the south of Madagascar to train the drivers who work for our charity. During these two weeks Spinola, Nassim, Alain and Aurelian learned everything they need to know and be able to do for the independent maintenance and repair of the vehicles. During the first week, theory and practice were held in Ejeda before moving on to Manambaro. Some of the drivers brought a great deal of prior knowledge and experience with them, so they exchanged ideas and tips with each other as well.

The ambulance drivers and the LandCruiser Assistance Team holding the theory session in the morning.

Upon arriving in Manambaro, Aurelien, our driver for the region, started working with Tom and Thomas in the garage, because the off-road vehicle with which he transports patients almost daily has already been through a lot.

After a few skillful touches and replaced parts, the vehicle was safe and ready for use again.

Thanks to the intensive training and the support of the team, the drivers now know how to maintain the off-road vehicles.


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