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Act, don’t just watch

Madagascar is in a state of medical emergency. Many patients are treated inadequately, or too late. Doctors, hospitals and medical equipment are in extremely short supply.

‘Doctors for Madagascar’ was founded to improve healthcare in Madagascar by investing in staff training, hospital infrastructure, equipment and patient care.

We are partnered with the Malagasy charity Elson Hanitra Madagascar Mission (EHM) led by the surgeon Dr Randrianantenaina.

How you can help

  • We send teams of doctors from Europe and organise their missions in Madagascar.

    Interested doctors should be willing to treat patients in Madagascar for free as well as to teach local doctors and nurses.
  • We supply instruments and materials to medical facilities in Madagascar.

    For this we rely on donations of new or used, but fully functional, instruments and consumables.

  • We support development projects in Madagascar to sustainably improve the standard of living of the local population.

    Apart from personal involvement and gifts in kind, you can support such projects with your donations.


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